Welcome to Prophecy Code II, the revised and expanded Edition, recently endorsed by Best selling author Joel Richardson.

Joel says this about Prophecy Code II, "At this vital time, when the Lord is speaking to His Church regarding the Islamic predominance of the Last Days, Jeffrey Manty has been listening. Prophecy Code II is a stirring and valuable contribution to the Church's emerging understanding concerning the dark and glorious days that lie ahead."

One excited reader named Rebecca says, "The way the author named the Beast WAS BRILLIANT, ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!"

Reader Mike Smith adds "Prophecy Code II seems to provide underlying evidence, or the fingerprint of God if you will, that Islam will be the religious vehicle which the BEAST uses to motivate millions in destroying Christians and Jews."

In fact, EX-MUSLIM TERRORIST Walid Shoebat who co-authored a recent book called GOD'S WAR ON TERROR with Joel Richardson had a look of profound astonishment after Manty sat down with him revealing the Beast's identity.

Even Janice, an Amazon reviewer of Prophecy Code says, "this is a must read."

Richard G. White, co-host of the Ironshow adds, "This is one of the best perspectives in Church Eschatology I have seen yet, and I've read a bookstore full."

Prophecy Code II has proven to these readers that the secret to decoding God's prophetic truth lies the verse, "I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times what is still to come (Isaiah. 46:10)."

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You will also get a groundbreaking look into how Manty deciphered the encoded number 2,520 from Daniel's seventy 'sevens'! Manty states, that this number is a number for years as well as days, and that it covers the "Time of the Gentiles." He proves that this number connects Israel's fall to her reestablishment, in not one, but four separate occurrences. (Notice the Menorah).
It is the mysterious future fourth occurrence, that Manty connects with the time of Antichrist coming that initiates the literal 2520 days to the Return of Jesus Christ.

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